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Q: Who is Nicholas Sarazen?
A: Nicholas Sarazen is the pseudonym of Rick Cooper and Mark Davis, the two guys who actually wrote Family Reunion. Rick wanted to put just his name on the book. Mark for some reason wanted only his name on the book. To avoid possible bloodshed, they compromised and came up with the fictional Nicholas Sarazen, who of course is very happy that his name is the only one on the cover. You can find the names of Rick Cooper and Mark Davis in the copyright notice and on all royalty checks. They seem satisfied with that.

Q: Was
Family Reunion ever published as a print book?
A: Yes. Family Reunion was published as a paperback original by Pinnacle Books in June of 1990. The first printing sold out within a fairly short period of time, and the book was then out of print.

Q: If the first printing was so successful that it sold out, why wasn’t there a second printing?
A: Good question. Cooper and Davis have their conspiracy theories as to why their publisher would turn down the opportunity to make more money on their book, but only Pinnacle has the answer.

Q: How long did it take to write
Family Reunion?
A: About seven years.

Q: That seems like a long time to write a book. What took so long?
A: Cooper blames Davis, Davis blames Cooper. Actually, it took a considerable amount of time for them to just to figure out how the writing process would work. They tried alternating chapters, but their writing styles were noticeably different. Cooper had the idea for the book, so it was decided that he would do all of the original writing. Davis was the stronger editor, so he would take Cooper’s chapters and edit them (or, as Cooper would term it, tear them to shreds). Cooper would then edit what Davis had edited, and chapters often went back and forth many times. On multiple occasions they actually argued for hours over the choice of a single word. Put it all together and it took seven years. Seven very long years.

Q: Will
Family Reunion ever be in print again?
A: Yes. After it became clear that Pinnacle would not be doing a second printing, Cooper and Davis negotiated the return of all publishing rights. Their plan was to try to sell Family Reunion to another publisher, but they are busy fellows and never got around to it. With the advent of eBooks, they published Family Reunion in digital form to make it available for readers who prefer eBooks, but they also recognize that many people still prefer regular print books. While they will likely go with a traditional print publisher, they are also considering “print on demand” to get the book in print form much more quickly.

Q: Where can I download a digital version of
Family Reunion for my iPad (or Kindle, Nook, etc.)?
A: Uh, have you looked at any of the other pages on this website? Try clicking on the Order tab above.

Q: I see a red “X” in the URL address in my browser. Is that supposed to mean something?
A: Yes. If you had read the book you wouldn’t be asking that question.

Q: How do I contact Nicholas Sarazen?
A: Do we need to walk you through how to navigate a website? Click on the Contact tab above. Nicholas Sarazen will respond to all inquiries, and if you mention that you bought a copy of Family Reunion you will be his friend for life.

Q: I read
Family Reunion and I couldn’t help but notice the parallels between the Mother Earth Family and the Manson Family. In fact, except for gender and the ability to play guitar, Mother Earth could be Charles Manson. Was that by design?
A: If it was by design, Mother Earth would be able to play the guitar. But come on, a band of hippies led by a charismatic leader terrorizes Hollywood with a brutal mass murder involving movie stars...what do you think? Actually, there is much more to the backstory, and it’s quite amazing (and a bit unsettling) if you knew all the details, but Nicholas Sarazen isn’t talking. At least not here.

Q: Does Nicholas Sarazen have plans to write another book?
A: If Cooper and Davis someday agree to drop their mutual restraining orders and also finally sort out who fathered whose children, they might actually consider writing again as Nicholas Sarazen.

Nicholas Sarazen