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Two ESSENTIAL writing tools that you need to check out if you use a Mac and you’re working on that future bestselling novel!

Subplot is the easy to use story planning program for novelists and screenwriters. With Subplot you can organize your cast, locations and props, as well as keep track of important events and story goals. Use Subplot to plan your scenes and organize chapters or acts, while automatically keeping track of where critical story elements have been used.

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Character Folio
Character Folio is an easy-to-use program for anyone that wants to capture information about a character they’re creating. Whether you’re a novelist, a screenwriter, a game designer, or even a writer of comic books, Character Folio allows you to store a wealth of information about your characters in one easy-to-manage location.
From blood-type to biography, special abilities to biggest secret, Character Folio gives you a simple, organized, tabbed structure to keep track of all your character’s details.

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